Fees and Funding

Wisteria House accepts funding paid by Plymouth City Council with an additional top up paid to the home.  Using Plymouth City Council fee category system for 2018/19, Plymouth City Council would pay Wisteria House direct the following amounts - 'Standard' £509.00, 'Enhanced' - £530.00 and 'Complex' - £551.00, each category would be based on the number of care hours required to support an individual.  We presently have 4 small bedrooms without an ensuite in which the home accepts Plymouth City Council funding without a top up.  


For all private rooms (or fee's paid part by Plymouth City Council and part private top up) the fee's will depend on the room available at that time and the assessed needs of the individual. At present our small private rooms start at £650.00, £750.00 for a medium sized room with ensuite and £895.00 for a double room used a single room.

Additional charges for individuals who require more assistaance than usually antcipated for a residential care home, most additional fee's are for assistance with individual's mobility.  For example an individual who requires one member of staff to assist with all transfers/mobility there is an additional £50.00 per week, if an indivudal requires one member of staff to assist for a long period of time an additional charge of £75.00 per week.  If an individual requires two members of staff to assist with all transfers it is additional £100.00 per week. For full assistance with meals this would be calculated upon staff time required.

To have a further understanding of each indviudal's fees please do not hesitate to ask the registered manager Carole Ham.

All private fee's and top ups are charges at one month in advance.

I have owned Wisteria House for approximately 18 years, to date all yearly fee increases have been in line with Plymouth City Council yearly percentage fee increase, normally increased in April in each year (2018/2019 was 3.81% average increase)

For funding paid by Plymouth City Council or Continuing Health Care (CHC) your social worker will be able to explain further. 

Extra costs

Toiletries, hairdressing, clothing, outside entertainment (singers, minibus trips, etc), chiropodist, taxi’s (normally to and from hospital appointments), staff time to appointments outside of the home, alcohol, takeaways, personal telephone to bedroom, Sky television, inappropriate or insufficient contience aids supplied or not supplied by the NHS, etc are all charged as extra costs.

Last year most people did not exceed £30 per week. This amount varies from person to person, for instance ladies who have a perm and regularly have their hair set each week and men who like to drink alcohol will incur extra costs. If a fixed amount is required this can be arranged, to allow for individuals, families and friends to budget accordingly.

Wisteria House does not make a profit or charge for the assistance with any extra costs incurred.